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This is my experience when i was worked in one of the company in Jakarta

January 14, 2014

After i  graduated in senior high school, i work in a bank. There, i become a person to check much cliring in every transaction. I have many experience there. How to be a good person in time, good worker, how to solve any problem that related in office, etc. From that, i know the way that how i must work hard seriously. There are many employee that care with me, they are kind, responsible with their work. I really miss them so much. Actually, before i resign from this company, i got many experience, beautiful experience about work in my life. There i learn how to manage money, time, and all the things in bank. In every work, specially to check cliring that come from all people. Every morning, i woke up to go to my work, then go to the station at 05.00. everyday i do it. In train, i met with all people, that want to go to work in the same place. I met handsome man, he looks good in wearing his uniform, kind, polite and always use parfume in his body. This man that i want since i work there. We always met in the train, in the same time and place. Oket, this my experience about work.


Wanty Zahara

4 SA 03


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