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My experiences to council scientific research..

January 14, 2014

After i make scientific research about literature before S1, it must be do named council to finish this. In the morning at 09.00 i go to the campus D to finish the council. I’m so nervous. Before i come to the council’s room i must choose the number of the next number to come that room. I write in the book i’m in the sixth person. But, in fact, i’m in the third person to come in council’s room. Before that i learn a few theory that related with my research. And when my time comes, I am trying to go to the room, there are 3 examiners in the room. I’m totally nervous.  In the room, they asked me about the research that i made. My advisor there, always help me to bring me a clue about the answered. Before they asked me, it must be do a presentation in front of them about what we are writing about that research. Then, they asked me some question that related with my research. They asked me 10 questions . but i can handle it all, although my answer isn’t totally true. But, the most important is i still trying how i can answer it, because this paper is made by myself. And at 10.00 i finished this council. My friends asked me what are the question that they give. But i’m sure, my friends can handle it . okey, this is my experience about the council of my scientific research.


Wanty Zahara

4 SA 03


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