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My experience driving a car

January 14, 2014

In fact, i can’t driving a car. I always practice with my dad and brother. Every Saturday i practice it in yard. It is hard for me to balancing the copling and gas. In the seven days, i can handle it.  I can driving a little in the hard street. Somehow, i feel bored to learn it everyday. But i must study and practice it everyday. Because not only a man can drive a car but also a woman too. And i want if i work or graduated from my college, i can driving a car to go to my office. And my dad said to me, a woman must be can do as same as a man do. So, it must be driving a car is what i want right now. It is difficult for me to be carefully when other motorcycles and other car walk around in front of me. I’m nervous if it is happens. In the theory it is easy to do it. But in the practice it is hard to do it. Actually, until right now, i’m nervous driving a car. Just a little i can driving it. In other time, i will practice it again. This is my experience about driving a car. Thank you


Wanty Zahara

4 SA 03


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