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April 9, 2013

1. What are the four positive and four negative effects of tourism mentioned in the article ?

            positive :

  • Tourism can help to protect environment and animal life
  • Tourism creates many good jobs and careers
  • Tourism can save cultures and the local way of life
  • Tourism can change countries-and people for the better


negative :

  •   Tourism can produces many poor and badly paid jobs
  •   Tourism can become damage to environment
  •   Tourism can destroy the culture and local way of life
  •   Tourism can change countries and peoples for the worse

2. How many Jobs in tourism can you think of ?

            my opinion, there are many kinds of jobs in tourism, such as fitness centre manager, holiday representative, sports administrator, sport coach, tourism officer, travel agency manager, tour manager, tourist information centre manager, outdoor pursuits manager, theme park manager, tour guides,  etc.

3. Can you think of some recent International or national events that have    affected the tourism industry ?

            Minor problems such as changes facilitated by contact with other cultures will eventually happen diffusion (mixing of cultures). We see for example how the culture shift people’s lives around the area of ​​Borobudur Temple which was originally based on the agrarian life activity (farming) community shifted to merchants and sellers of services.
Thus in terms of the dimensions of cultural tourism can foster an interaction between traditional agrarian society to modern industrial society. Through the interaction process that then allows the existence of a pattern of interplay which will eventually affect the structure or patterns of cultural life of the community, especially communities that host. Of the structural dimensions of culture, tourism industry activity allows for a change in the patterns of culture as a result of society’s acceptance of outside cultural patterns brought by guests. Cultural patterns outside is expressed through behavior, manner of dress, language usage and consumption patterns adopted from tourists who come to visit.

4. Do you think ( find a certain place ) as an object of tourism is a positive or a negative influence in our country ?

            My opinion are, there are many positive and also negative influence, if some place as an object of tourism, because if tourism come to our country and visited some object to recreation or holiday, our country will get enough income from the arrival of foreign guests who visited us in Indonesia sights. thus, our country will be able to continue to develop the beauty of sights to keep the costs will be borne by the government with money from foreign exchange proceeds earlier.

5. Which countries would you like to vist ? why ?

            I will be visiting my own country. I do not particularly want to visit a foreign country. because, I’ve never surround my own country Indonesia. as we all know, our country is beautiful, rich with natural beauty. such as Raja Ampat, so beautiful, like small heaven and  matchless to visit them. before if I could visit it, I do not like visiting a foreign country too. The fact, we know Indonesia has beautiful place to visit, enjoy, rich country with more natural resources.

  Wanty Zahara

  3 SA 03

  Kepariwisataan 2 – softskill     


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