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A place that i’ve visited and i will visit next year

March 10, 2013

When i was in Anyer Beach, with my lovely friends….

July 22, 2011


At that time, we and friends all enjoy a long holiday in our college semesters. we opted for a vacation to Anyer beach. there we rented a three-story villa, a fairly large extent. there is 3 rooms were very spacious, the following also with all of its contents, a living room, a kitchen and a balcony above the beautiful beach of the villa. there we rented a banana boat to be used enjoy the surrounding beaches. Heat is no longer can we ignore for the sake of a sense of community among us to climb the banana boat. The scorching heat so faithfully accompany us in the atmosphere there is not an obstacle anymore. There is only joy, happiness is in our minds for the sake of enjoying the beautiful vision in the eye that we are seeing. Play with the amount of water with your loved one is the most beautiful thing when we can feel the beauty of togetherness for a vacation together. All sense of fatigue that we have all felt not to be a burden anymore. Fresh water, accompanied by scorching heat of the sun that stung the body, but with the togetherness, all the changes the company became a very pleasant sense of happiness.


not only played a banana boat but also there we can snorkling to see a beautiful animal in the deep of sea. there are many very beautiful parts there. A vehicle offered for wading through all that to be around the beach is the most beautiful thing when we have all been there. The sun was shining on the spirit world at the time, so faithfully accompany us enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the beach at the time. When I was there, all the boredom, complaints that we have after exams in the lecture was erased by the sight on the beach. Banana boat we have our message is ready to ride. More felt more pleasure when banana boat drove us all around the surrounding sea. brought us all last dropped in the middle of the ocean, and repeatedly so. then when the time shows a night, we stopped for water play, and the next morning over again, after almost 3 days, we came home to resume our classes have waiting. thank you..

A beautiful place that i wanna visit someday..

Raja Ampat, West papua, Indonesia

A dream will remain there for everyone to be able to visit the most beautiful places. I would be very happy at all if I could visit the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia. I do not want to visit the tourist attractions overseas first, because I believe that Indonesia also has wonderful tourist attractions, such as the Raja Ampat. located in west papua, Indonesia. there is amazing beauty of heaven is like a very, very beautiful. clear blue water so we could easily see the beauty beneath the sea there. in Raja Ampat, we can playing names Diving, that in there one of the best place to enjoy diving. many tourism from any country that visited there. for me, to get there is my beautiful dream.  i wanna go to Raja Ampat with my family and sure my friends. i want to visit there because  we know that in there has many beautiful scenery, fish, coral, etc. i want to visit there, maybe someday…

this is a little beautiul picture in Raja Ampat, how beautiful it is ..


Wanty Zahara

3 SA 03

Kepariwisataan 2



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