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summary of “Saija dan Adinda”

January 4, 2013

Saija with father, mother and younger siblings lived in the village of Badoer, Parangkujang, Bantam.And  also Adinda, the girl who had an arranged marriage by their parents. Happy childhood ended when Saijah father could not pay the land tax so that the buffalo was seized by the head of the district. He quietly went to Bogor after the relics of the parents and in-laws sold out because they have to fulfill the obligations culture system, but he was convicted of mail to go to Bogor without fitting, and returned to Badur and imprisoned. Soon his father died in prison while her mother  was  died because of suffering. When his father went to Bogor, Saijah that teenagers do not want to come off her father to  Bogor, he has his own plan is to Batavia. He would raise money by being a waiter in Batavia. Saijah asks Adina to wait. He would come home after 3 times 12 months. Adinda will mark her cheek  with a sketch of each month purnama.They  promised to meet in the teak forests, under trees ketapang, where Adinda never give her  jasmine.

The promised time arrives, Saija returned to the village of Badoer, Parangkujang. He waited Adinda in teak forests under a tree ketapang, but didn’t come .the day too high, Adinda had not come. He saw a squirrel jumping around looking for food, he also noticed a butterfly flying around looking for flowers walnuts, but Adina had not come. The sun had almost set, the anticipated did not come. Worried something happened to Adina, then burst Saija entered the village of Badoer ran toward the house but the house was Adinda and her home was not found. He did not hear people calling his name, because his mind is only drawn to Adinda. He did not hear that his mother’s father was dead, his brother some where, Adina mother also died of grief after the district seize their property. He also did not pay attention to stories that fathers take their children Adinda Badur leave because he could not longer pay land tax, and they fled to Lampung, he did not hear …. just running up and down, yelling and laughing so crazy thought. An old woman took her to his house. He was no longer screaming but occasionally he surprised the hut dwellers when he sang without a voice: “I do not know where the dead”. One night when he was a full moon out of the house, into which the first Adinda silence. Shuffled among the ruins of the walls of bamboo poles and half-rotten and the roof pieces. The next day he asked the woman who cared for him, which dimples Adinda. After the discovery he noticed that there are scratches on the mortar. Counted there were 32 strokes on the mortar.

He left Badoer, in Cilangkahan bought a fishing boat and then sail to Lampung. Because that’s where his family was Adinda, said the badur people . In Lampung was a coup. Those who are oppressed by a system of resistance to the Dutch culture system. Saija wander in the village who had just attacked the Dutch troops, he knew the people who attacked Dutch in part  were from Bantam. He traveled like a ghost in houses that have not burned all .her  father found the bodies of klewang Adinda with wounds to the chest. On the third side adinda sister, still a child, were killed. And the corpse looks a bit there ….. Adina, naked, tortured with a horrible way …… there is a piece of blue cloth into an open wound on his chest. Saija welcome the soldiers with guns cocked banish the remnants of the rebels into the houses on fire. Saija holding bayonets of the soldiers, pushed forward with full power and still managed to urge the soldiers, with a final effort before the bayonet handles fell on his chest.

Wanty Zahara

3 SA 03

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