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how to stop smoking

January 4, 2013

Smoking is one of the major risk factor for coronary heart disease. smokers  have a risk of 3 to 4 times more likely to be affected by this disease than nonsmokers.

In the same way and with the people around smokers who inhale smoke from smokers, called passive smoking, experiencing  the same thing. even passive smokers have higher risk of heart attack.

And if she was pregnant, as well as smokers, a child  from passive smoking. children may be born prematurely, weighed less and even death. If life goes on, it may be exposed to lung infection, slow physical development, and it becomes difficult to learn.

There have been many studies proving that smoking is addictive, in addition to causing many types of cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease, adverse effects for the birth, and emphysema. And for women smokers who take the contraceptive pill even has a very high risk for coronary heart disease, or at least exposed to blood clots in the veins.

current smoking has become somewhat the need for tobacco lovers. for them, smoking can eliminate all sense of fatigue, stress, and others.  when they’re relaxed, they are always accompanied by a cigarette.

Basically, someone to quit smoking easily, only requires a profound intention not to smoke anymore. and grow in us, that smoking life would be wasted-anything for that, because we might as well burn the money that we only replace a cigarette. and believe me, life would be healthier if we are free from smoke.

smokers, usually arise like smoke when he was bored with the situation or indeed just want to calm the mind. for some people, with smoking, the mind will feel more comfortable, and rilex . smokers can smoke it anywhere as they wish. even highway road when riding their bikes motorcycle volunteered himself to suck.

current  smoking  among many consumption by teenagers, parents, even children. This is because my curiosity and trial and error committed by children and have a negative impact if you get used constantly in everyday.

After them, how to prevent children of smokers:

an example of people who do not smoke,

tell them the evil of cigarettes to children,

teaching them to abstain from smoking

How to quit smoking are:

Stop immediately, to delay smoking until it stops completely, reduce the bars to stop smoking, remove all cigarettes, ashtrays, telling everyone that you will quit smoking and ask them to remind, avoid places, people, inviting atmosphere you smoke, do sports like swimming, or start a new hobby, relax without cigarettes, snacking healthy snacks.

And also follows the positive impact of quitting smoking are:

increased health, free from dependence, better social performance, better personal appearance, support from family and friends (they’ll be glad you quit smoking).

Wanty Zahara

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