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January 4, 2013
  1. 1.      Religious

The attitudes and behaviors that obedient in carrying out of their religion, tolerant implementation of worship to  other religions, and live compatible with other religions.

  1. 2.      Honest

The behaviour based on the effort to make him/herself to be a person who can be trusted in speech, action and work.

  1. 3.      Tolerant

The attitudes and actions that respect all differences of religion, race, ethnicity, opinions, like attitude and actions of others who different with him/her.

  1. 4.      Discipline

The action that show orderly conduct and complt with all rules and directions.

  1. 5.      Work hard

The behaviours that show serious efforts to rise all obstacles to learning and assignment and complete tasks to the best.

  1. 6.      Creative

Think and do something to generate a new method or result of something that has been owned.

  1. 7.      Independent

The attitude and behaviour that are not easy to depend on others to finish the tasks.

  1. 8.      Democracy

How to think, behave and action the same judge who has the same rights and obligations of him/herself and others.

  1. 9.      Curiosity

The attitudes and actions that always trying to find more depth and breadth than something learned, seen, and heard.

  1. 10.  Spirit of nationalism

The ways of thinking, acting, and  sound that puts the interest of the nation above self interest and group.

  1. 11.  Patriotic

The way of thinking, attitude, and action that show loyalty, awareness, and appreciation of the language, the physical, social, cultural, economic and politic nation.

  1. 12.  Appreciate the achieve

The attitudes and actions that encourage him/her to produce something useful for society, and recognize then respect the successed of others.

  1. 13.  Friends/communicative

Actions that show a sense happy to talk, socialize, and collaborate with others.


  1. 14.  Love peace

Attitudes,  expression and action that can makes other people feel happy and comfort the presence of him/herself.

  1. 15.  Love to read

The habits take the time to read the various readings that give goodness to him/her.

  1. 16.  Cares  for  the  environment

Attitude and actions that always trying to prevent damageto the surrounding natural environment, and develop efforts to repair the damage that has occured.

  1. 17.  Social care

The attitudes and actions that always to help other  people and people that needed.

  1. 18.  Responsibility

Attitudes and behaviour people to carry out  their duties and obligations, that he should do with oueselves, people, the environment ( nature, social, and culture) state and god.

Wanty Zahara

3 SA 03

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