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kata bermakna ganda

December 2, 2012
  1. Great new discoveries have been made in the field of electronics.

         Answer :  D. Bidang

Because, word “field” here, associated with a sentence that shows the overall match between one word to all word in this sentence. Explain about a new discoveres have been made in that field of electronics.


  1. Audy murphy was one of the American heroes in the battle field during world war II.

Answer : C. Medan

Because, “field” here, support this statement about American herous that fight in war. That area is the location in world war fight, which that are has a relationship between sentences there.


  1. What a fine field of wheat!

Answer : B. Ladang

Because, it means “field” here describe some of place that to store wheat. It is large and many wheat of there.


  1. Fine particles of gold are found in seawater.

           Answer : C. Sangat kecil

Because, fine here, indicate something that very small was found in seawater.


  1. It rained all morning, but turned fine later.

          Answer : D. Cerah

Because, fine here, show that the weather after rain so brightly or shining after rain.


  1. The taffic-law breaker was punished by a big fine.

Answer : A. Denda

Because, word fine in this sentence, means this words dedicated to a violation of the traffic so that offenders should be fined.


  1. The company now has a large and expert sales force.

Answer : A. Tenaga

Because, force here indicates for someone that can help the company to expert sales force.


  1. Johny overcame his bad habits by sheer force of will.

Answer : B. Kekuatan

Because, because of “force” here illustrates that Johny want to overcome their bad habits with their own intentions or his own strength. He wants from him self.

  1. Pancho has been working in the police force for a decade.

Answer : D. Angkatan

Because, that word indicates to show the people has been working for a decade in police force.


  1. The president must attend numerous state functions.

Answer : D. Upacara

Because, this word indicates the president must be came to such as ceremony for many event.


  1. The main function of the secretary is to keep the books and records of the club in good order.

Answer : D. Tugas

Because, word “function” here indicates to a secretary that she must do such as keep the books, and it is the first task or function for her.


  1. Singapore is a free port

Answer : C. Bebas

Because, “free” here explains that Singapore is one country that is free port.


  1. You can have this sample edition free, no charge.

Answer : B. Gratis

Because, free here indicates about if we want to buy something such as sample in that sentence, we didn’t pay anything ( no charge ).


  1. Mrs. Rumbilan wore a light blue skirt to the wedding party of her niece.

Answer : C. Muda

Because, light blue skirt here indicates/support what she was wore, showed that the light blue explain of one of the colour that has young/light colour.


  1. The opposition received a light vote of confidence, a majority of votes was in the goverment’s favour.

Answer : D. Sedikit

Because, as ‘light’ here explain that the opposition said they received little vote of confidence, the sound is a lot or a majority vote in favor of the government itself.


  1. Jack stayed in a light room day and night.

Answer : D. Cahaya

Because, light room here describe about the situation there full of light/brightly.



  1. Martin hopes to land a job at the American bank after his study abroad.

Answer : C. Memperoleh

Because, land here indicates with the same meaning such as “get” that he want to get a work in American Bank.


  1. The late Dr. Minarti was admirred by everyone especially the children.

Answer : D. Almarhumah

Because, late here explain like the last for living of her that she was admirred by everyone, so, this word show that Dr. Minarti was died.


  1. The employer fired some of his employees without any accpetable reasons.

Answer : C. Memecat

Because, word fired here, indicates that employer want his employee stop for all the job without reasons. So, fired means the employee must be stop for his/her own work.


  1. ‘Your papers sir!’ the custom officer asked me politely at the Changi Airport International.

Answer : B. Dokumen

Because, “papaers” show that there are many papers like a letter or document at Changi Airport. So, this word indicates the papers is a letter or important document.


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