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summary of “the devil wears prada”

November 10, 2012

This novel tells the story of a woman named Andrea. she used to be called andy. she graduated from a university united states. then she intends to apply for a job at a fashion company. and she was applying for a job one day to meet her boss lady named Miranda. miranda has a character that all things must be done quickly and precisely. she wanted all the employees working in the company, polite to her, all the work done quickly without the slightest error. andy and miranda mistress face to apply for a job, see miranda fashion shown by andy, Miranda smiled, and Andy refused to work in her own fashion company. however, when Andy was rejected, Andy explains that fashion is not the only one of the most important thing in the works, but more importantly the knowledge that he acquired during her lecture, and can pass from the university. then andy rejected work, and in the end after running a little out of the office andy, andy miranda was called by an assistant named emily. and finally she was hired by miranda. then the next day, she works according to what she characterizes in a dress. miranda’s office, Andy became the center of attention by all employees. but andy remain confident in all his work which continues to be the second assistant miranda. and one of the employees named Nigel met miranda andy. she describes some characteristics of how the systems work to be performed by all employees belong to miranda. then one day, nigell see that Andy is a beautiful woman, only the less fashionable style of dress. One day, Nigel lent clothes by andy to wear to work every day. andy wear it, and all the employees at his office in shock, andy can look beautiful with designer clothes are expensive too. and miranda get excited too proud to andy, because with her new look in dress andy looks pretty stylish too. Andy has a boyfriend who always accompanied her home. they lived together in a house, they were still dating status, not husband and wife. at some lovers andy’s birthday, a lover of the sector in the night waiting for andy. andy got home from work until late at night, but andy has not come, and a few minutes later Andy arrived with surprise, but the lover andy looks bored and do not be surprised by surprises andy . andy lover to think, that Andy was too busy with work lately. she forgot that he had a boyfriend who loved her. One day, andy was assigned to work in Paris for several months. in fact, lovers andy hard to accept the fact that Andy had to go for several months. then there andy met with one of the best friends Miranda, he’s good for andy. and one time they worked together in Paris. and it turns out he fell in love with andy. finally they kissed tenderly with him. andy but remember that she had had a lover faithful to her. but andy was kissing him. and one day andy has a very complex task and must be done quickly too precise. andy making a mistake that makes miranda angry. and a didn’t comfort when andy had to continue working in the company’s miranda, because the system work quickly so so busy and can forget everything. and andy decided to stop working at the company’s miranda, without first giving her boss know miranda. all activities related to miranda, andy did not care, she turns his cell phone during which requires miranda andy. she eventually quit her job. and one day andy applying for a job at a newspaper job. and she accepted immediately for work. and the lover was more pleased with andy for a new job. andy finally get a new job and returned to her lover not to forget her boyfriend just because a job.             

Wanty Zahara

3 SA 03                                 

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