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positive and negative impact about “early marriage”

November 10, 2012

Early marriege  is a contract that both spouses be performed only by a very early age or not the time to perform a marriage.

Early marriage recently become popular among teenagers today. we know there are some impacts on these early marriages. most, those who perform early marriage, caused by social problems and economic problems in the family. some parents believe, married young is the best way in the ship sailed home. for what? because for some people with married young, when in their marriage a son was born later, we’re not too old to protect her children. we face is still relatively young, or average. so that, when a child grows to adulthood, the age that we have not too old. most of us that among adolescents, young married person, occurs because an error experienced by a woman in because she had conceived a baby without a marriage. so for them, age is not the main thing they think to get married. then their parents to marry her right away so that they can hide a shame that his son had done.

however, not every young person into a marriage because of these things. There are also some of them did indeed get married young because it was planned earlier. they want when they have a child, they still are still the same age or slightly younger than the others. when they later school or college, their parents are still able to finance their age difference is not too far away. Poverty is one of the major factors under-pinning early marriage. Where poverty is acute, a young girl may be regarded as an economic burden and her marriage to a much older.



however, there are some positive and negative impacts of a young marriage, the negative side of early marriage: From the medical point of view, early marriage has a negative impact for both the mother and the child is born. According to the sociologist, viewed from the social side, early marriage can reduce the harmonization of the family. This is caused by emotions that are still unstable, turbulent blood of young and immature way of thinking. Looking at various aspects of early marriage does have many negative impacts. Therefore, the government would only tolerate a marriage over the age of 19 years for men and 16 years for women.


The positive side of early marriage also exist let’s discuss: We performed a trend dating teen couples, young people had reached worrying levels because often they do not heed the norms of traditional oriental and even religious norms. Already exceeded the limits of freedom, where freedom is often a result we find immoral acts in society. This fact shows how the moral of this nation has reached the level of concern. And early marriage may also be an attempt to minimize these negative actions. Rather than getting mired in the association of free and worrying, if it is ready to take responsibility and it is legal in view of Personality ‘(religion) why not?


in addition, its positive impact is also some people say is better spent money and time with family … much more useful and more responsible. Congratulations from the lust that is not kosher. And also with the presence of children, a lot of lessons learned. Patience is more honed, the motivation to seek knowledge taller, have a sense of responsibility, and many others.


Conclusion, a young married has a positive side also negative. they do have the right to marry and to determine the time to get married, indeed for some people to marry young look a little less good, because they judge, who married young due to marry someone who had been pregnant out of wedlock. but not all people think like that, there are also those who married young had been planned from the beginning because if they already have a child of their age not far adrift with his parents. So, a young married will have a positive or negative impact depending on their own thinking.

Wanty zahara

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