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GENDER in Indonesia

November 10, 2012
  1. 1.      Gender

In Indonesia, between women and men are different, of course. Women and men are different both of them. Women had a different function from men. women and men are different, of course, in terms of households, men are required to protect women. men who must have jobs to support his wife and his sons later. usually women are more focused on their children or kitchen and household affairs. on the contrary, men have to work to feed their life. though indeed they both have the same principle that is loving and well loved children, and their families. This still holds true to a great extent, as women maintain family social and economic control.  Yet handling money is not a prestigious activity in most of indonesia and considered beneath the concern of men. And also about their language.

A man, most of them usually have a control through political prestige, such as higher level jobs or ruling positions, while women may direct the public scene through commerce.  And women, are among coarse (kasar) of society and indonesians often refer to low levels of speech as “market language” (bahasa pasar). Women’s reproduvtive and magical powers play out in daily life through birth, agriculture, and cooking. And the most important, women can control about social information and tone affecting family and comunity relations.

And then about traditional ideals of masculinity and femininity, such in Java, the people in that country has a principle of refinement and stoicism. Such the characteristic of javanese wayang kulit shadow play, where heroes are small, elegant puppets in stark opposition. The refined champions of manhood win in the end through guile, connections and magical powers. The status of  a powerful man rests upon historical notions of potency. This force provides grounds for political authority, sexual, material wealth, power in the world. This explain why indonesian become shocked and confused by how quickly weaterners rise to display of anger.

Indonesia does not open conversation about sex. when the word “male” or “female” signifies male power, common parts among male – male and female sexual organs are pubic, in the sense of “shame” or “disgrace”. This is not the meaning. however, Indonesia using a sex less often or spirit that not a lot of people do wherever they are. in the same area, they picked up more about sex and affairs fellowship positions that do extra than the average American. furthermore, the moral prohibition to honor homosexual relationships typical of euro-american who has never had guidelines simplest of ideas Indonesia.

Essentially, wherever we live, we find the forbidden lines in a challenge. Indonesian people, the talk time often comes word or adjective “filth” like people everywhere. and sex to be hidden from one material to what they want to leave. tension between ideals and provide the original sign for the hidden sexual life.

 Wanty Zahara

3 SA 03

tulisan – softskill

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