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mini drama

May 20, 2011

One Day In Bandung


Riza antonius                      : tour guide

Ana patricia                        : Tourist

Margaretha benyamin    : Tourist

Kate minderton                 : Hotel Receptionist

Wantysastrowardhoyo   : Drama narrator


One day, Ana and Margaretha, a tourist from Switzerland has arrived in Indonesia. They want to spend their holiday in Bandung. One of the big cities in west java. So, today they are in airport to meet  for Riza, their tour guide is from a travel agency. Riza will pick them up in airport and accompany them to a hotel in Bandung.

R  : “Hello, Good evening Miss Ana and Margaretha”

A  : “Hello Mr.Riza”

M : “Are you our tourist guide, right”?

R :  Yes of course. I will accompany you during your holiday here. Nice to

meet you, Miss Ana and Margaretha.

M: Nice to meet you too.

A : Nice to meet you too Mr.Riza. so, where are we going to go now?

R : We are going to go to hotel, it is getting dark and you must have a rest

for travelling  tomorrow. We will have a trip in Bandung in a whole day.

A : Really??! It’s must be fun tomorrow!

M : Yes, I can’t wait for tomorrow

R : Okey, this ih our taxi to hotel

M : Thank you Mr.Riza

So, Miss Ana and Margaretha go to their hotel where they will spend their night.on the way to the hotel, they see many interesting places. And Mr.Riza as their guide will explain about those places.

A : What is that Mr.Riza?

R : Ohh, That is Sate Building, it’s one of famous buildings in Bandung, and

It’s  the office  for government in Bandung.

M : Woowww! It’s cool. It looks so artistic and old building

A : Yes, it’s like White House, right??

R : Yes, something like that. Do you see that place?

M : what? That house with a garden?

R : Right!

A : What is happened  to  that house?

R : That is strawberry garden.

A : Oh, really? I like this cute fruit…

M : Yeahh, it’s sweet. And i like the colour.

R : And you can take the strawberry in garden by yourself.

M : woooww, I will try it tomorrow. By the way, is there any place for

shopping in Bandung?

R : Of course! There are Ciwalk, Paris Van Java and Bandung Trade Mall.

If you want hangout in outdoor you can go to Tangkuban Parahu, Kawah  Putih, and Kawah Domas. We have arrived at the hotel.

Finally, they arrived at the hotel. In the lobby of the hotel, a receptionist greet them. They will stay at the hotel during their holiday.

K : Good evening…Welcome at the single hotel, spa and resort, Can I help


A : Yes, we want to stay at this hotel for several days.

K : Thank you for choosing our hotel ad the place you stay, May i ask for

your identity card?

M : Yes, of course.

K : Thank you, which room that you want to choose? Single or siute room?

The price for single room is 500.000, and for suite room is 1.200.000

A : Hmm, how about the facility in suite room?

K : There is a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. But

single room, just have a bedroom and a bathroom.

M : I think suite room is better than single room.

K : Okey, Do you need a porter to bring your suitcase?

A : I don’t think so. We can bring our suitcase by ourselves.

K : All right, this is your key. And enjoy your holiday …

Basically, they are very happy with their holidays in Bandung. They said, that in the next time, they will visit again to indonesia because it has many wonderful places. Thank you..see you next time .

wanty zahara 18610456

Kawan kelompok :

Ahmad Riza (10610415)

Ana Frecilia (19610359)

Annisa Kathrin (10610917)

Nurul Fazry (15610211)

Wanty Zahara (18610456)


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